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  1. 2010.05.03 SIGNAL 설명


os/UNIX_LINUX 2010. 5. 3. 18:56
Signal            Description 
SIGABRT           Process aborted 
SIGALRM           Signal raised by alarm 
SIGBUS            Bus error: "access to undefined portion of memory object" 
SIGCHLD           Child process terminated, stopped (or continued*) 
SIGCONT           Continue if stopped 
SIGFPE            Floating point exception: "erroneous arithmetic operation" 
SIGHUP            Hangup 
SIGILL            Illegal instruction 
SIGINT            Interrupt 
SIGKILL           Kill (terminate immediately) 
SIGPIPE           Write to pipe with no one reading 
SIGQUIT           Quit and dump core 
SIGSEGV           Segmentation violation 
SIGSTOP           Stop executing temporarily 
SIGTERM           Termination (request to terminate) 
SIGTSTP           Terminal stop signal 
SIGTTIN           Background process attempting to read from tty ("in") 
SIGTTOU           Background process attempting to write to tty ("out") 
SIGUSR1           User-defined 1 
SIGUSR2           User-defined 2 
SIGPOLL           Pollable event 
SIGPROF           Profiling timer expired 
SIGSYS            Bad syscall 
SIGTRAP           Trace/breakpoint trap 
SIGURG            Urgent data available on socket 
SIGVTALRM         Signal raised by timer counting virtual time: "virtual timer expired" 
SIGXCPU           CPU time limit exceeded 
SIGXFSZ           File size limit exceeded 

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